Justices' New Album "†" Out On XL. VI. VII

L_4aa2b74ce29c7ac997f6651c8673bd4cJustice's music, a cross between filthy electro and rock, has slayed dancefloors worldwide. In particular with the 'Waters of Nazareth' e.p. and this summer's most omnipresent song Justice vs. Simian 'We Are Your Friends'.

The new full length album from Justice titled  "†" (cross symbol) on Ed Banger Records (Paris) isn't quite as revolutionary as Daft Punk's Homework, but it's similar in nature and fracking hot as hellz. Preview "†" at myspace.com/etjusticepourtous today.

Make sure you check the video for D.A.N.C.E. here, with art by label designer So Me.

It will be out on July 10th in the U.S., Local importer Slowtrain Records says they'll have some on the shelf ready to fly.

MusicJesse Walker