Ties_lg_2When Brooklyn-based (Greenpoint, to be exact) menswear label This Old Thing recently introduced a set of skinny-ish ties on their site, the onslaught of requests was so overwhelming that designers Tommy Cole and Roy Caires had trouble sourcing enough one-of-a-kind fabric to satisfy the ravenous demand. The tiered ties—which are reconstructed from official, controlled-supply uniforms—sold out before hopefuls even got off the G train. Luckily for you, the duo has tapped into a secret stash of vintage uniforms to produce four limited-edition ties only for the HintMagazine Shop. Sure to please your picky girlfriend and steal the conversation at any art opening, the ties are also discreet enough for your day job and perfect for spiffying up your faded everyday jeans. Best of all, with these architectural masterworks, you don't have to wait for Zaha Hadid to land a tie commission. [Via: Hintmag]

FashionJesse Walker