Condo-mania In Salt Lake City






Salt Lake's condo boom is in full effect. Above are just a few examples of the new life waiting for you if you dare to buy something you've only seen in a 3-D rendering. Everywhere you go down town, there's either new buildings going up or old ones being renovated. It's actually cool that more people could be living in the city center, bringing energy and life to our over sized streets (for the average price of $163.205). One question remains: Why do so many of these new developments have to continue the tradition of using the assorted beige color palette so popularized by the Gateway Public Bath? Doesn't anyone realize how dated it's going to look when we build a bigger/newer mall? Jus' sayin.

Here's a short list or some of the current projects on offer:

The Metro Condo's
City Center Loft's
Metro Park West
Patrick Dry Goods Lofts
• Broadway Park Lofts
Marmalade Condominiums
Radi8 Condo's
Angelina's Corner Condominiums
City Creek Center Residential
• Artspace City Center
• Stratford Hotel Lofts
• Westgate Lofts
• The Parc at Gateway
• Northgate at Gateway

...and the list goes on.