The Jesse Walker Shows


In Googling my name over the years (don't deny, you do it too) I've become intimately aware of a select group of people who share the title Jesse Walker. These are my favorites in order:

1. The Jesse Walker Show at
Olde time country solo artist. This is my favorite photo of all the Jesse Walkers. (Madison, Wisconsin)

3. Jesse Walker at
Artist/Writer who's work is about being in new places and new situations, adjustment and adaptation. Pictures of strangers going about their everyday business are placed in vast stark landscapes. Adorable, mixed media landscapes might be a better description. A must see. (Forest Grove, Oregon)

4. Jesse Walker at and
Author and managing editor of Reason, the libertarian monthly magazine. Walker has written on topics ranging from pirate radio to copyright law to suburban sprawl and is the author of Rebels on the Air: An Alternative History of Radio in America, published by New York University Press in October 2001. Walker's articles have appeared in a number of publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Salon, The New Republic, L.A. Weekly, National Review. He has also worked as a DJ, a dishwasher, and a miscellaneous office grunt, and was once hired to help move a clandestine dog farm. (Baltimore, Maryland)

5. Jesse Walker aka Slightly Illegal at
Canada's favourite Club Event Planner/Promoter who "does more after midnight than most people do all day." ...Including getting more girl-on-Jesse action than most people care to know about. (Quebec, Canada)

7. Jesse Walker at WTWO
Head Meteorologist at WTWO where he started in 1985 as the weekend weather person.

6. Jesse Walker at
Jewelry Designer who believes that when you dress and adorn yourself, you create your own world, a world you carry with you wherever you go – your very own REALM. (Washington, DC)

Honorable Mention: Worship at the Jesse Walker United Methodist Church (linked from Jesse at Reason)