Kickin' It Kenny Rogers Style


I was digging through CD's like a badger in the trash this morning at the library and picked up Kenny Rogers Ultimate Hits album and now I've been obsessed with him all day. He was quite popular when I was a kid growing up in mountain-esque Idaho. I remember loving the song "Islands In The Stream" with Dolly Parton so much I would lock myself in our car in the garage as to make sure nobody could hear me singing along to the tape.

Did you also know he sang the famous version of "The Condition I'm In" with First Edition? The video is so stylistic! He also collaborated with Andy Gibb of the BeeGee's (on Islands, obviously), Dottie West and Lionel Richie right around the time he single handedly made Adidas track suits and Members Only jackets the hotness for the 40+ suburban cowboy crowd. Apparently Kenny is also a phenomenal photographer!

With his iconic status came the highs of success which were as far reaching as the lows (the Roasters restaurants in Asia?, plastic surgery ...awake!) yet nobody had a voice that could melt your heart like a pat of margarine on a biscuit like country music's furry father figure, Kenny Rogers.

Visit his official website.

MusicJesse Walker