Proving Ground 2007

07_pg_bigHe does what?
He plays music through 5 VHS decks.
What are the movies?
I dunno - Goonies I hope.

And that other guy, he did what?
He taught himself to sing Stairway to Heaven bassackwards.
To see if “Satan speak” lurked in the lyrics I think.
I’m a believer.
In Satan?
No, in Zeppelin.

DTC is proud to present: The Proving Ground 2007

The Proving Ground is showcase of short performance works in all forms - music, video, theatre, modern dance, performance art, and such. You should check it out.

Rose Wagner Black Box Theatre, 138 West 300 South Salt Lake City, UT

Performances:Saturday, September 15 @ 8pm (come to NiteLite at W. Lounge following the performance) and Sunday, September 16 @ 2pm and 8pm. Visit the website for more info and tickets.