There Is A Lite That Never Goes Out


NiteLite is coming up soon at the W. Lounge on September 15th. It's going to be another straightforward return to all things current in House music with an emphasis on futuristic sound+vision. DJ Phillip Baum is an up and coming local that I met through our nights at The Depot. As a total music geek and non-stop dancer, Phillip was present at every night of PRISM (practically) where he gave me a slick promo CD that I really enjoyed. He's got a sweet tooth for deep tech-house and weird sounds, so I think it will be a good fit.

If you've enjoyed past NCM events, please consider supporting NiteLite. Your positive energy is really what makes every event special. Click for a larger version of the flyer above to send or post on interwebs. It's going to be serious fun!