Kitten Seeks Loving Home

*UPDATE* This Kitten Has Found A Home. Thank You Jesssica!





We rescued a poor little kitten who we're calling Billy (The Brave) over the weekend. Billy, who must have been separated from his mommy is about 3 months old and is looking for a loving home so he doesn't have to go back to hustling for food on the dangerous west side streets. He's been cleaned by the University Pet Clinic and is disease free. He's a Flame Tip breed known for their orange ears and tail with mostly white body.

Billy is the tenderest, bow-legged, boy kitty we've ever rescued. He loves to burrow his head into you when you're petting him and lifts up his hind leg so you can scratch his tummy. He's not afraid like some cats in his situation might be, he loves to give kisses but he's not crazy or scratchy either. We would love to see him go to someone without small children or an older person since he's so mellow. Please email me at email@newcitymovement to set up an appointment. Any help finding a prospective owner is welcome. Thank You!

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