Idaho Raves ...and other stuff that came after that

I recently went through my huge ever growing pulsating collection of rave/club flyers from the heart of darkest America to put together this little gallery I'm calling, "Idaho Raves ...and other stuff that came after that."

These little shit pieces of paper represent the time between 1992 and 1995 when a miraculous scene, conjured by designer Jared Gold arrived in the most unlikely place on earth – Idaho Falls, Idaho. It's also the story of how I got involved in deejaying and promoting parties, through helping Jared a little in Idaho and then for a year in Utah following his move here.

It's a mixed bag including some items relating to Jared's early fashion work (with first business partner Pamela Moye), The Church of Santa who was created by artist Richard Couch as well as a flyers from some of the Idaho rave promoters that followed. All this needs to see the light of day before my house burns down or I set fire to it myself. I'll try to add some comments in the week to come.

The scans are at semi-high resolution so you can read the text which is extremely entertaining and unlike anything happening in the country at that time. Be sure to scroll down to read/see the full images if it goes past the bottom of your screen.

Also, I'm not trying to tell the WHOLE story, just present my personal collection. Contributions, comments or corrections are welcome.