Caspian Ruined My Life

More than a thousand Black Chandelier devotees braved a dangerous snow storm Friday night to take part in Jared Gold's sold out Caspian Runway Event. The scene was scrumptiously madcap and with a front row seat at the end of the runway I was lucky enough to take it all in, up-close and personal.

The clothes, more muted in comparison to Jared's past collections delivered his signature darkness by using Scandinavian mythology as a touchstone instead of his trademark obscure pop culture or Victorian references. Wearable dresses, separates and outerwear embroidered with extravagant Nordic symbols and patterns came down the runway in cotton, satin and Gold's hallmark, felt. Not your usual fabric luxespects, but it's what makes Black Chandelier so fun, accessible and affordable to the masses.

The grander couture statements, like two basket woven fur-trimmed bodice dresses with intricate ribbon lacing, exaggerated muumuu sleepwear along with beautifully embroidered empire dresses and equestrian riding pants are what really brought the house down. It was a new direction and and accomplished statement from the house that revels in it's own nexus of frivolity, art, spectacle and myspace superstar models. It's a sight to behold and one that connects people to a renegade world where Jared Gold is the (leather clad) Robin Hood of high fashion.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the show which I found at this online gallery. I'm sure more will be available soon at