Caspian Fashion Show This Friday


If you're life is missing a dash of spectacle, you should RSVP for Jared Gold's upcoming CASPIAN Fashion show this Friday at the Gateway's Union Pacific Grand Ballroom (click image above). Jared always throws a great event so don't miss it. Also, I recommend bringing ear plugs. Here's an F.A.Q. on the event from Jared's Myspace:

"After a barrage of questions, I just thought I would try and answer as many before hand as possible.
The show is December 7th at the Grandhall at the Gateway Shopping Center in Salt Lake City, UT. For complete information and to RSVP go to Tickets are FREE unless you insist on sitting in the front row..."

1) You must RSVP for the show to be seated.
2) Park at the gateway or the adjacent lot on 1st south and 400 west
3) If you are RSVPing for general admission to the show, you will not be seated on the front row.
seating is first come first served basis:

Front Row Seats available for purchase: 35
Category A 566 seats (Guaranteed entry)
Category B 350 Standing Room entrants (Entry is highly likely, seating is very unlikely)
Category C stand-by entry only (Entry not guaranteed, but quite possible)

4) Front row is pay to play only, or if you are personally invited by myself, or have sponsored the event.
6) The Afterparty is 21+ NO EXCEPTIONS sorry kids, I adore you but getting an all ages venue didn't work out, and I really tried too! This is the reason we are having the party the next day at Fashionplace, so everyone can meet the models.
7) We have already filled the spaces for backstage and front-of-house workers.  Sorry.
8) Do not ask me what to wear to the event, just be yourself and be exciting, the Los Angeles Times is going to be in the house photographing, so LET'S HAVE IT!
9)The show will be about 30-45 minutes
10) we will do everything we can to seat your party together, but unless you purchase front row seats, I cannot guarantee keeping you and your posse together. Showing up at the same time can greatly increase your chances.
11) Cameras?  YES PLEASE!
12) Press Passes and Video Passes, there are a few still available. Email to be connected with the correct person
13)MODELS ARE BOOKED! Thank you!
14) Cover for the afterparty is 10.00 and you will have to go through the usual club entry rigamarol for a Utah private club.
15)This show is suitable for children, but I would avoid bringing children under the age of 8. There is not going to be any nudity, but the show is very intense and loud, and the crowd, while very organized, is going to be an issue to navigate with a small child.
16) Due to the horrifying lines at this even last year we have changes to the new 4 class ticketing system. This will ensure speedy entry to the venue and very little wait time outside. However, seating is first come first serve, so if you want to be closer to the runway and you have a class A ticket I suggest you arrive earlier than 8:30.
17) 9:15 is the magic hour. We start filling any remaining seats from the Class B ticketed patrons and then allow entry to all Class C or Stand-by ticket holders.
18) If you and your party are seperated by different ticket classes, try to arrive at the same time to best be kept together. After entry, you may be able to negotiate seats with other patrons, or simply downgrade your ticket to a Class B or Class C and you should be able to keep your party together.
18) Guests Enter steetside this year. Where South Temple dead ends at 400 West. In order to more effectively control the crowd, we felt we needed a little more room around the doors than last year.
19) Check in at the table with your ticket class posted above it. Press/Vip, Class A, Class B, Class C