Jesse Walker Reluctant Media Darling?

Dear Readers,

I was pleasantly surprised about being voted "Best DJ" by City Weekly readers for this years Slammy Awards.

First the InUtah Sexy thing and now this. I'm really not trying to be a whorish media darling type, I promise. I run this silly little website and as a DJ I put myself out there, sure... but that's part of the job of promoting entertainment. Either way, know that I don't go out every night thinking I'm THE best DJ around. Honestly, I have more off nights than most... and can think of plenty of other disque jockeys who I look up to locally, and who are certainly more proficient on the technical end of the craft.

Not sure where I'm going with this. If I am good at anything I guess, it's simply my being an insufferable music fiend who has remained true to my own diluted vision of the world in sound and vision. I guess I just wanted to say thank you to anyone who recognized that this year and to everybody who took the time to vote. It's really great!



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