NiteLite Presents LARS BEHRENROTH (LA/Germany) May 17th @ W. Lounge


Always working, building, never stopping, never sleeping... up next, NCM is proud to present special guest producer/DJ Lars Behrenroth from Los Angeles at the next NiteLite party on May 17th.

I've been communicating with Lars online for years now, back when he was doing a radio show called House Sound of Hamburg (in Germany). From a distance I've watched his DJ, radio and production career steadily accelerate. What I love about him is that you instantly know that he does it for the love of music and that music is his true calling in life. Lars has moved and grooved crowds in clubs all over the world such as DEEP (LA), Club Five and Red (D.C.), Motorlounge (Detroit), Distillery (Leipzig, Germany), Queens (Paris, France) and many many more. With a who's who list of guest DJ's, his 4 year and running syndicated XM Radio program 'Deeper Shades of House' ( educates and illuminates while showcasing his own versatile but selective musical range; he can play any genre within dance/electronic/house music while still keeping it deep. It is the way he programs his sets and puts songs together that stand him apart from the rest.

Behrenroth also has impressive discography over a variety of labels including Chez Music, Deep4Life, Compost, Sonar Kollektiv and most recently Liebe*Detail.  He has remixed artists such as Kathy Brown, The Rurals, Deep Swing, Dubtribe, MJ Cole, Slope, Arnold Jarvis, Sven Weisemann and more. In 2008 we'll see his remixes coming out on Liebe*Detail Spezial, Ocha Records and on his own new label Deeper Shades Recordings. This Summer he joins the ranks of label mates Jimpster, Milton Jackson & Trevor Loveys with a stellar release on Freerange Records UK titled "Ice On The Sun" with remixes by the infamous Charles Webster and Atjazz.

I'm happy we've been able to make his visit to SLC possible after years of scheming. Mark your calendars for another night of underground dance perfection and thank you again for being part of the 'Movement'.

– Jesse

See Lars's extended biography/ discography in the post continuation...

The story begins in Cuxhaven, Germany with organ lessons at an early age, spinning records at local dance school parties to enjoying people dancing to his music all around the world and back to Los Angeles where he relocated in April 2004.

While in Hamburg, Germany he attended audio engineering school where he completed his first remix projects in 1996. That very same year, Lars began co-hosting "House Sound of Hamburg" (HSH) on a local radio station. In 1998 he successfully brought the exclusive mix show to Evosonic Radio, a European-wide electronic and dance music radio station. The weekly three-hour house music mix show was a big hit and hosted guest DJs such as Deep Swing, Mateo & Matos, Paul Johnson, and DJ Pierre to name a few. The show went on to syndicate on the New York underground on-line radio station, Streetsound, as well as "CyberRadio & CyberRadio TV", the first German internet-broadcasting station which he launched, programmed, managed and along with Constantin Groll hosted the longest house music mix show on the net, "GlobalHouseConnection" (GHC), an 8-hour Saturday night marathon.

His current show, "Deeper Shades of House" can be heard twice a week nationwide in the US & Canada on XM Satellite Radio, THE MOVE (Channel 80), AOL Radio & DirecTV, is syndicated on Dinamo FM - Turkey, PushFM, CyberJamz,, and is available as a free podcast.

Deeper Shades of House is a weekly showcase of Lars’ versatile but selective musical range; he can play any genre within house music while still keeping it deep. It’s the way he programs his sets and puts the songs together that make him stand apart from the rest.

As a producer Lars Behrenroth has accumulated an impressive discography on labels such as Chez Music, Deep4Life, Compost, Liebe*Detail, Progcity Deep Trax and has remixed artists Kathy Brown, The Rurals, Deep Swing, Dubtribe, MJ Cole, Alma Horton, Slope, Q-Burns Abstract Message feat. Lisa Shaw, Arnold Jarvis and more.

In 2008 Lars is going full force with hot remixes on Liebe*Detail Spezial, Ocha Records, his debut EP on Freerange and the launch of his own label Deeper Shades Recordings.

To learn more about Lars Behrenroth, please visit HYPERLINK ""
Club Appearances (a selection of parties & venues Lars has played at)
USA ---------------
Red, Washington DC, USA (with 95 North)
Andalu, Washington DC, USA (with Taha / Vinylicious)
Aromatic @ Aroma Bar, DC, USA
LemurLounge, Alexandria, VA, USA
Rhythm Sessions, Richmond, USA (with Doug Smith / 95 North)
Sonar, Baltimore, USA (w/ DJ Lovegrove & Graham S.)
Knock Knock, Orlando, USA (with Q Burns Abstract Message)
Elements, Orlando, USA (with Q Burns Abstract Message)
Jackshouse, Tampa, USA (with Jask)
Fluid, Philadelphia, USA
Worship Fridays @ Filo's, Philadelphia, USA (with Rob Paine)
LiquidSoundLounge @ KGB, Miami, USA (with Victor Simonelli, Brian Tappert etc.)
House of Blues, Chicago, USA (with Roger S. & Joi Cardwell)
Red Dog, Chicago, USA (with Mark Grant & Lego)
Thurstons, Chicago, USA
Mad Bar, Chicago, USA (with Tommy Musto, Shamanlove, C.Pagli)
Smooth Grooves @ Sonotheque, Chicago, USA (w/ Stacy Kidd)
Maxis, Grand Rapids, USA (with Kikoman)
MotorLounge, Detroit, USA (with Mike Clark)
Fi-Nite Gallery, Detroit, USA (w/ Karizma, Frankie Feliciano, John Beltran, Zoetic etc.)
Pleasure @ U4iA, Cleveland, USA (with John Acquaviva)
Music @ Brillo Pad, Cleveland, USA (with Sleepy C)
Trilogy, Cleveland, USA
The Dungeon, Memphis, USA
Love Committee, New York, USA
Izzy Bar, New York, USA (with Neil Aline / Chez)
Speeed, New York, USA
Vanity, New York, USA
Liquids, New York, USA (with Neil Aline / Chez)
Diesel Store, New York, USA
W Hotel, San Diego, USA (w/ Duane Alluv, Wally Calerio)
Bar Dynamite, San Diego, USA (w/ Duane Alluv)
Urge @ Rich’s, San Diego, USA (w/ Brian Cabalic)
Transistor Lounge, LA, USA
Electric (downtempo patio), LA, USA
More @ Gabah, LA, USA (w/ Scott K. & Tony Watson)
US @ Fuel, LA, USA
Giant, LA, USA & Giant, Las Vegas, USA
Spundae, LA, USA
Twister, LA, USA
Proper, LA, USA
Leftlane @ Arsenal, LA (w/ Tony Watson)
Body Music , LA (w/ Tony Watson, DJ Rain)
Heading Home @ Hollywood Canteen, LA (w/ Lillyanne)
Inspiration Afterhours, LA
The Good Life @ Amalfi, LA (w/ Tony Powell, Liza Richardson, John Tejada)
Focus Tuesdays @ Tapas, Newport Beach (w/ Wayne Lyons)
Versatile @ Detroit Bar, Costa Mesa (w/ Tony Watson)
BOTANICA @ Little Temple, LA (former weekly residency w/ Wayne Lyons)
THERAPY @ Tokio, LA (W/ Gabriel Rene)
DEEP @ Vanguard, LA (w/ Marques Wyatt)
Straight No Chaser, Phoenix – Az (infrequent residency)
DSoH / Strut @ Gotham Hall, Santa Monica (former monthly residency)
DSoH @ Moonshadows, Malibu (monthly residency)

EUROPE ---------------------
Night of the Blue Notes @ Dampfzentrale, Bern / Switzerland
Café Mokka, Thun / Switzerland
Chic @ Beau Rivage, Thun / Switzerland
Sunday Lounge @ Du Theatre, Bern / Switzerland
Brama Jazz Café, Stettin / Poland
Respect @ Queens - Paris, France (with Neil Aline / Chez, Sven Love)
Mu:d - Tallin, Estonia
Koneisto – Helsinki, Finland
Plump - Malmoe, Sweden
Supper Club, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Distillery, Leipzig, Germany
PanAm - Cologne, Germany (POPKOMM Gig '99 & 2000)
Safahi Lounge, Mainz, Germany
190 East, Frankfurt, Germany
Soulsonic @ Kalkscheune, Berlin, Germany
Goodtimes @ Oststrand, Berlin, Germany
Royal Pawn Shop, Berlin, Germany (with Eric D.Clark)
12/34, Berlin, Germany
Park @ La Cage, Hamburg, Germany
Better Dayz Project, Hamburg, Germany
Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg, Germany
Rangavilas, Hamburg, Germany
ATT, Hamburg, Germany
Summerlounge, Hamburg, Germany
Club Orange, Hamburg, Germany (former weekly residency)
Betty-Ford-Klinik OpenAir & club, Hamburg, Germany (former monthly residency)
Lounge, Hamburg, Germany (former monthly residency)
Mandarin Lounge, Hamburg, Germany (former weekly residency)
Mandalay, Hamburg, Germany (former weekly residency)
Unit Club, Biel, Switzerland (former monthly residency)

Radio Appearances
DEEPER SHADES OF HOUSE – XM Radio, US & Canada (Host)
^^^^^ syndicated on AOL Radio, DirecTV,, Push Fm,,, Dinamo FM,, Germany (Host w/ Constantin Groll)
^^^^^ syndicated on Dinamo FM, Turkey &, France
H.S.H. (Host) on Streetsound, NYC / EvoSonic Radio, Germany / CyberRadio
GHC - CyberRadio, Germany (Host w/ Constantin Groll)
Soundcheck House - CyberRadio (TV), Germany (Host)
Betalounge, SF , USA (guest)
Dublab,LA, USA (guest)
Comfort Sessions (Guest)
Hangin' with da licious, CAPITOLVIBES.COM, USA (guest)
Grooveradio, LA, USA (guest)
WKDU, Philadelphia, USA (guest)
BPM - WNYU, New York, USA (guest)
Club 89 - WNYU, New York, USA (guest)
WEVL - FM90, Memphis, USA (guest)
High Spirits, FM4 - Austria (guest)
New Dance Radio - Amsterdam, NL (guest)
Subground FM – Stuttgart, Germany (guest)
Mixed Moods – Berlin, Germany (guest)
Global House Show - Evosonic, Cologne, Germany (guest)
H.S.H. - Offener Kanal, Hamburg, Germany (Co-Host)

Discography - Original Productions:
Lars Behrenroth  - Ice On The Sun EP - Freerange, UK – May 2008
Lars Behrenroth – Guimess – Mahasa Music, USA – Jan 2008 (on Concrete Project compilation)
Lars Behrenroth – Armistice EP Vol.2 – Prog City Deep Trax, Ger Apr 2007
Lars Behrenroth – Organism – Liebe Detail, Germany – Feb 2007
Lars Behrenroth – Are you sure – Soulstar, Ger July 2006 (on Deep House – Third Chapter compilation, mixed by Harley & Muscle)
Lars Behrenroth & Sinan Baymak - I miss the things – Kinkysweet, US June ’06
(on Backroom vol 2 compilation)
Lars Behrenroth – Inflection (Friends Re-United EP) – UK Basic, UK May ‘06
Lars Behrenroth – Armistice EP Vol.1 – Prog City Deep, Ger Nov ’05
Lars Behrenroth – Election EP – Auris Rec, Ger – August 2004
TALK – Touching You – Perfect Toy, Ger – Oct. 03
Lars Behrenroth – Will she come – Foreplay, Bel. – Sept. 03
Lars Behrenroth - Marble – ButtonDownBeats Comp. – Nordic Trax, CA. - Sept. 02
Lars Behrenroth vs. Sweet Abraham -The breeze- Lab Records, Ger - March 02
Lars Behrenroth - marble beats - decks & faders (EFA, Ger) - April 02
Lars Behrenroth ‘BOC Productions’ Debut Album – TOI,GER - August 01
B.O.C. Productions ft. Princess TamTam ‘Excursions’ w/ rmxs by The Rurals and Glissando Bros – TOI, GER – April 01
Talk /w Sonya Vallet  - Cookie Jar - Vinylicious, USA – April 01
Worldless People - Minority in terms of thought - COMPOST, Ger - Jan. 01
BOC Productions "Various Stylez EP" TOI, Ger - JUNE 2000
Lars 'LB.' Behrenroth "Silver Surfer" CD Compilation - Deeper Side of the Internet - & Vinyl LP Sampler - Deep4Life, USA - September '99
BOC Productions "FilteredIIFunk EP", Raw Sienna, UK - May. '99
BOC Productions "Fall in love", Chez Music, USA - April. '99 & unreleased mix – Nov. 00
RuffCut vs. BoC- "Burnin' EP" LSL Recordings - April '98
Discography - Remixes:
Sven Weisemann – Slices (Lars Behrenroth Rmx) – Liebe*Detail Mar 2008
Jaymz Nylon – Lonely (Lars Behrenroth Deeper Shades Rmx) – Nylon Rec, Dec 2007
Christos Kedras Ft Scott Wozniak - Fly Me Away (Lars Behrenroth Dub) - Kapa Music Sep ‘07
Martin East Project – Let me take you (Lars Behrenroth Rmx) – Kapa Music, May 2007
Madmud Music – Disgustingly Fabulous (LB walks on water Rmx) – Delicious Garden, Apr 2007
Diversity ft. Muema – We can do it (Mixtape sessions dirty dub) – West End Tracks, August ‘06
Comfort Fit – Remember … something I forgot (Lars Behrenroth Subtle Koffee Rmx.) – Tokyodawn Rec., Ger ‘06
Jessica Williams – Faith, Friendship & Love (Lars Behrenroth Subtle Koffee Dub) – Paradax ‘06
Mauro M.B.S. - Dirty Vinylpusher (LB’s Peakpusher Mix) - Delicious Garden, Ger Jun ‘06
Jessica Williams – Faith, Friendship & Love (Lars Behrenroth Botanica Mix) – Paradax Mar‘06
Arnold Jarvis – A beautiful love (LB’s old school Dub) – Diaspora Rec. Sept. 04
Slope – Keepinitup (Lars Behrenroth Subtle Koffee Remix) – Sonar Kollektiv, Ger Aug. 04
Lee John – The Mighty Power of Love (Lars Behrenroth Deep Subtle Koffee Mix) – Delicious Garden, Ger June 04
Jaymz Nylon f. Mooney "Where Heaven Meets Earth (Vocal & Dub Rmx.)" unreleased
Monta – On the fly (Lars Behrenroth dark rework) – Citrona, USA – Nov. 03
Hideo Kobayashi -- Possibility (LB's Vocal Twist) -- Foreplay, Belgium  - May 03
S.E.S.A. – all together (Stoned in Hamburg Mix) – Delicious Garden, Ger – Mar 03
Lady Alma – Lies (Summer in Hamburg Mix) – Diaspora, uk - Sept. 02
Q-Burns feat. Lisa Shaw ‘This Time (LB. Vox & Dub)’ – Eighth Dimension, US – July 02
B-Funk new 12” ‘Lars 'LB.'s Peaktime monkey rework’ TOI, Ger – May 02
Dubtribe Soundsystem “Do it now (Hamburg To London Mix)” ROI, Ger –  Sept. 01
Deep Swing "Takin' me higher (BOC Club Mix)" ROI, Ger - 00
Pressure ft. Marcette "Tears for you (BOC Classic Club Mix)" 95 North Rec, US - June 00
The Rurals "Corker (BOC's rough'n'moody mix)" ROI, Ger - Jan. 00
Karen Di Ponti "Charlie's Back",  WEA, Ger - Jan. 00
Rotess "Electrica Salsa", Kingsize, Ger - Aug. '99
Kathy Brown "Happy People", U.S.S., Ger - Juni.'99
Brick Nation "I like it", Velocity, USA - Jan. '99
MJ Cole "Sincere (BOC Mix)" Clubtools Germany - October '98
LSL pres. Martha Cinader "Living it", Liquid Sound Lounge Records - Jan&July 98
China "Mr. Flute (BOC Filter Mix)" Clubtools Germany - May '98
Style Unlimited - "Trust in you", Rhythm Scan, Ger. ‘97