Parisians Learn How To Dance

A dance known as the Tecktonik, a mix of rave and break dancing has taken Paris by a storm. The Wall Street Journal reports, "...the dance craze spread over video-sharing Web sites such as YouTube. Today, party-goers line up for hours to get into Tecktonik-themed parties across France. Kids are moving to the Tecktonik beat on street corners and in school yards." Unfortunately, Alexandre Barouzdin the promoter behind the original party is trying to turn it into a corporate brand.

The article goes on to say that "French music producer Marc Cerrone helped pioneer the "disco" movement with his 17-minute dance epic, "Love in C Minor," which hit the New York club scene in the mid 1970s. He dubbed the hit song "disco." ...At the time, however, no one in France thought of trademarking disco -- the dance or the name. Owning the dance floor wasn't a question of intellectual property, says Mr. Cerrone, but of physical prowess. "Disco belonged to the people. That's why it was so successful," he says."

The WSJ is following this story because of the intellectual rights/patent issues but it's funny watching their reporter try to bring it's readers up to date with the best new dance craze since the Can Can. This web has better information and dance moves. [Thanks Greta @ Catalyst]

MusicJesse Walker