Prison Chic

As a guy, the thought of having a urinal in your home bathroom is a dream come true. The ladies wouldn't mind it either I'm sure. The brand new Falcon F-9000SS waterfree urinal is constructed of 304 grade,16-guage stainless steel and is a wall hung, wall outlet unit. The contemporary style bowl has a matte finish to provide the ultimate level of durability (high polish finish option available as special order). The F-9000SS urinal includes a patented cartridge with biodegradable sealant, which acts as a barrier to provide odor-free operation. They cost around $600 and can be special ordered through your local Falcon dealer (Waxie in UT). If you cant afford the prison style bling, non-stainless options like the 4000 and 5000 models go for as low as $200.