Support National Record Store Day


SATURDAY, APRIL 19, isRECORD STORE DAY. mark your calendars. we are proud and thrilled to celebrate with hundreds of other independent record stores nationwide - and we hope you come down and celebrate with us! in addition to a storewied sale of 15% off everything and free gifts from great local businesses like Ken Sanders Rare Books, SLUG Magazine,, and Leia Bell we'll have live music starting at 1pm, BBQ sandwiches from KRCL's Circus Brown, exclusive releases from bands like Vampire Weekend, Destroyer, and Stephen Malkmus, and goodie bags with gifts from Sub Pop Records, Matador Records, Paste Magazine, Bjork, Paul McCartney, The Clash and many more!! it is going to be absolutely incredible. so bring your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, teachers, students, WHOEVER down to slowtrain on Saturday, April 19...and let's all celebrate the unique place that record stores have in their communities. – /