Chicao Afrobeat Project


The Chicago Afrobeat Project will be on stage tonight at the Utah Arts Festival. They sound like fun...

Chicago Afrobeat Project (CAbP) remains true to its original vision of breathing the intensity of Chicago’s rich music scene into the infectious sounds of afrobeat. Rather than become caricatures of the genre, CAbP slips a reverent nod to the tradition while delivering an energized originality different from any other band on the afrobeat scene today. At each of its 100+ live performances a year, the group’s frenzied songs hit audiences with a big enough one-two punch to tirelessly knock them onto the dance floor time and time again. ... Afrobeat’s range of influences — funk, rock,  jazz, afro-cuban, high life and juju music – settle into a hypnotic, dance-compelling pulse at the core of CAbP. The group layers a fiery originality around this core through high-energy rock and experimental jazz.

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Chicago Afrobeat Project
Friday 9:30 – 11:00 PM
Festival Stage