Life Is The Most Precious Thing You Possess



"Les ateliers Ruby are pleased to present Ruby, the leading brand for exceptional accessories committed to keeping you on the move. Inspired by Steve McQueen, Science Fiction and the great tradition of French luxury, Jerome Coste has created Ruby, a brand which guarantees good looks and safety for everyday heroes and heroines.

The first collection introduces the Pavillion, a crash helmet for motorcyclists, and also a range of silk scarves with hand-rolled helms. The Pavillion is the benchmark model for the exceptional style and ingenuity typical of les ateliers Ruby. Retro in inspiration but modern in design, at the same time traditional and sensual, it is a jet helmet (without a chinstrap) with a pleasing design that brings out the simplicity of the quality."

Jerome Coste has also started a "Signature" programme featuring Honet, a Parisian artist who's naive yet precise style lies somewhere between popular art and graphic novels. View more of Honet's amazing work as well his peers at Mr. L'Agent.

FashionJesse Walker