A Message About House Music by Jay Tripwire

This was posted at Jay Tripwire's myspace blog and I thought it was kind of cool coming from someone who 'lives the life' as he does. It's just another example of how passionate true house heads can be about their music and the philosophy behind it as a unique musical artform.

"We live in an age that is full of consumption, greed and false worship of weak idols. People listen to the radio, and it is filled with depravity and a message of consumerism. People watch these music videos that are full of false glamour and exhibit decadent lifestyles. These poor souls have had their minds corrupted on a sonic level, their dreams and ambitions are not real, they seek a dark path to an empty hollow existence. There are those of us who see this, and understand this, we work for a better way of life that is about the soul and about the spirit, we live to broaden our minds and open ourselves to a true sound, we understand all forms of music, and we amalgamate these forms into 1 true sound. Many of us have devoted our full lives to spreading this message. And many of us toil and work hard to keep perpetuating our message. We are the children of house music, and as the children of house music we have a duty, a calling if you will to spread our word and not to fall prey to the words of a foul world, that is filled with racism, depravity, corruption, and war.

At this time we must call onto ourselves to see the bigger picture house music has, and the original message it is designed for and live by that code and to spread the word. We must remain unified and not be so fractional in our views of what house music is, because house music is everything. House music has no true definition other than its ability to bring us together, to unify such diverse people into 1 true vibe and 1 global meaning.

Some of you reading this may not see house this way, but you need to open your eyes and ears and let it inside of you. You need to let go of what society tells you even more, the fact you listen to house is the biggest step to an open mind and the choice into the right direction. Each and every one of us now more than ever to has a duty to uphold, to spread the word and live the way we are supposed to be. We are community and we have to start acting more like brothers and sisters and unify. Some of us have become jaded, some of you have let drugs and other substances get in the way of understanding the message, and I am no individual to make any such judgment towards anyone, because house is not about judgment, religion, or other such binding things. You have a duty to your soul to let go of these things that hold you back from the journey to enlightenment and the stepping stone is house music. House music is supposed to open our eyes and minds to the real world, house is often a catalyst to people becoming enriched with a wide array of expression and freedom, and by going out and celebrating our lives thru dance and social interaction we break the shackles and the oppression of our governments and cleanse ourselves of the corrupt messages that are constantly trying to brainwash each and every one of us.

I call on each and every one of you to think about what you have read and remember the true meaning of house music and live in the way in which this movement really is about. Be true, be unified and stand up against the powers that be, because our house music culture is based on it. Our parties were renegade and our world was mystical, we truly lived underground. Now more than ever our ranks are fractioned, instead of there being a place where all house lovers congregate they only choose certain styles of house when in truth we should all embrace every aspect and come together in the true nature of house as a whole, not as a close minded fraction of its individual parts.

Please help in spreading the word, and perpetuating its original message of universal love and harmony towards all people of all races of all creeds and sexual orientations. If we do not act now in coming forth and being one we will lose everything so many of us have fought and sacrificed for in the name and meaning of a musical message. One of the greatest movements of our generation.

Please pass this message on and do your best to stay true."

– Jay Tripwire

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