Are You Registered To Vote? The Deadline is next week!

Hey People, this is serious,

The deadline for getting voters registered is FAST approaching. Mail in registration for Utah must be postmarked at the latest October 6th. We know that most people will stick with their initial party affiliation they declared the FIRST time they vote and we know that most young voters will vote for Obama. Because of that, it's important to get the young voters registered THIS week!

Info for registration at

If you don't have time for any other volunteering, please find the time to help with registering young voters before the deadline by contacting my friend Robin Ashdown or the Obama Utah HQ (see address below) if you can help with any of the things listed below:

1)  Go to Robin's "Dinner, Drinks, Do and Donate" on Friday at the 'Pleasure Palace'.

2) Join or organize a Campus Outreach group to get young Obama supporters registered.  They have until October 6th to do mail-in Voter  Registration.

3) Get your groovy ass online at -- log in to "Neighbor to Neighbor" to get started calling Obama supporters.

4) Party For Obama -- Throw a dance party THIS WEEKEND and get your guests to register to vote.  Get a stack of mail-in registration forms ready for all the kids who haven't voted before.

5) Go down to Obama HQ to volunteer (it's downstairs from the Pleasure Palace)

Obama Utah Headquarters (now open 7 days a week!)
780 E. South Temple St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Online calling tool:
Utah Homepage:
Danielle (Colorado trip coordinator) = (801) 574-0240,