Diving Into Atlanta


I just got back from a trip to Atlanta GA where one of the coolest things I did was visit the Georgia Aquarium. Along with several exhibits that focus on regional and geographic water life it features the largest on land 'fish tank' in the world housing several whale sharks, sting rays and a hammerhead shark. The 2 foot thick acrylic viewing window which feels like a movie theater is the second largest in the world at 27 feet high, 63 feet wide. Walkways around the tank lead you through a 100 ft. tunnel and other port holes where you can see the life from various angles. The tunnel reminded me of those scenes in Jaws 3!

Webcams of the various tanks are running at the Aquarium website to get an idea of what I'm describing but it really is worth a visit if you're out that way or have a layover at the countries busiest airport. Also, it made me think differently about the Living Planet Aquarium project here in Utah, to which I've never been. Perhaps that's because it's in Sandy? [Flickr photo sources: A, B, C, D]

TravelJesse Walker