Pricey Flashy Objects


The Times reports on Zaha Hadid's commissioned work for British private club House & Home which had some people feeling very uncomfortable, even angry (see the comments section of NYtimes article). All the fuss resulted in this statement from the Zaha Hadid architectural team, which I love:

Translation of Architecture gibberish:
1.“We wanted to create an environment where the bar completely dominates the space…” WE WANTED TO MAKE A HUMONGOUS PRICEY FLASHY OBJECT.
2.”Using a dynamic vertical gesture of fluidity, we were able generate an exciting dichotomy with the Cartesian arrangement of the Georgian space…” SO WE STUCK A ROUND BAR IN A RECTANGULAR ROOM
3.”As with our architecture, where have created inhabited structure, members and guests occupy the bar at Home House instead of simply standing in front of it…”UNLIKE THE GODDAMN DRUNKS AT YOUR LOCAL BAR, THESE PEOPLE DO MINGLE.
4.”They become part of the experience.” PRETENTIOUS PEOPLE AT PRETENTIOUS BAR. PERFECT MATCH.

(Thanks Rodney)