Big Lebowski Print Show


Signed & Numbered's February Gallery show is another group affair with each artist presenting their take on the cult classic, "The Big Lebowski". Lace up your bowling shoes and fix yourself a white russian for a show filled with prints of the Dude and his cohorts.

Participating artists include:
Andy Chase, Ashley Hanna, Ben Swift, BUDAI, Cameron Bentley, Cerca de la Tierra, Dan Grzeca, Dan Knapp, Dave Boogart, Reginald Stration, Furturtle, Jen Sorensen, John Maneval, Leia Bell, Lil Tuffy, Marina Atherton, Mary Toscano, Matt Davis, Matt Lloyd, Get a Clue Design, Olivia Rochelle, Java Fiend Studio, Marty Boe, Ryan Perkins, Scrojo, Screwball Press, Tony Streeter, Tyler Stout, TOOTH, Uglybogus, Whitney Shaw, My Associate Cornelius, Geordan Moore, and Wren Ross. (Prints pictured here are at left by BUDAI and below by My Associate Cornelius).

Opening Reception:
Friday February 20th, 2009
from 6 - 10 PM
Signed & Numbered
221 East Broadway
SLC, UT 84111
More info: 801-596-2093

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