Summer Blockbusters Will Melt Your Brain

One of my favorite pastimes is reading the very lowest rated reviews for Summer blockbusters at sites like Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes. Here's a sampling from Metacritic's survey of the mind melting waste of celluloid called Transformers II:

"The reductio ad absurdum of a summer blockbuster. It is loud (boom!), long (two and a half hours!), incoherent (poorly explained intergalactic warfare!), leering (Megan Fox in short shorts!), racist (jive-talkin' robot twins!), and rife with product tie-ins (Chevy! Hasbro!)." – Slate Dana Stevens

"The special effects are better and the dialogue slightly more humorous than in the first movie, but the anti-Arab subtext is repugnant." – Chicago Reader Andrea Gronvall

"This Transformers is a pile of glittering junk." – Wall Street Journal Joe Morgenstern

"A horrible experience of unbearable length, briefly punctuated by three or four amusing moments." –
Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert 

"An impossibly, incomprehensibly overlong and cacophonous bore." – Christian Science Monitor  Peter Rainer 

"Transformers 2 has a shot at the title Worst Movie of the Decade." –
Rolling Stone
Peter Travers