The Raindance Mix

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This past Friday the 24th of July was a state holiday in Utah. Can't remember what it's for exactly but it produces copious amounts of fireworks and throngs of people in wife beaters, traversing the city to get the last sixer of beer at a 7-Eleven while their children are running into traffic. Anyways, my friend Dan Morris throws a great party each year called 'Techno n' Tacos'. I bring the music, the neighbor boys brew their award winning beer (like 40 gallons) and Dan hires a the best taco cart from State Street to work his driveway.

RAINDANCEThis year I played music for something like 6.5 hours without a break, some of which I'm posting now for those of you who may have witnessed the incredible dance party that took place as the city/neighborhood festivities died down. Somehow we got away with playing rather loud music until 2am while 50+ people, boys and girls ended up dancing shirtless in a brilliant summer rainstorm that couldn't have been planned better if we were shooting a music video. Seriously... AMAZING! So, this is just a record of a singularly phenomenal night for many. A bit of all kinds of house and techno with great melodies and instrumentation, then about the middle point you can tell where it starts to rain and it gets way deep and deliciously eclectic. Good stuff for a long distance drive ...or a flight back to Thailand (Josh, Kat?). Enjoy!

> Download The Raindance Mix here, or click the image above to stream.

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