Dan Christofferson "Kill Your Self" (It's Monday!)







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I came across more work by local artist Dan Christofferson whilst shopping at FICE this weekend and was further intrigued by this amazing young talent. According to the few articles I found in Salt Lake Magazine and the CW, Dan is an unconventional 30-year-old practicing Mormon who's work has been influenced by his love for iconic LDS symbolism. A love that was finely tuned during his two-part mission to heraldry heavy Zurich, Switzerland and the Black Forest in Germany as well as schooling at Weber State University. Bits and pieces of his art in various disciplines have been popping up over the years at Poor Yorick Studios, the KAYO Gallery and the 337 Project. Add commissioned paintings, limited letterpress prints and gainful employment at the mighty Struck Agency to his list of achievements and we might see Christofferson poised for SLC 'art stardom'. Judging from his sold out shows, people can't wait to see what's next. Let us pray his future works continue to reflect this beautifully twisted vision of Zion.

Keep up with Dan Christofferson at his website RobotsAndAngels.com.

(Bottom photos: Salt Lake Magazine/Dan Nailen)