Join Julius The Mad Thinker, Nickodemus, Adam Gibbons for MI CASA ES SU CASA Holiday in Mexico!

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WHAT: Julius The Mad Thinker and Jenn Hurst organize a global meet-up.
WHO: International DJs such as Nickodemus & Mariano of Turntables on the Hudson, Adam Gibbon's Fela Lives! Tribute party, 3Degrees Ultra Residents.
WHEN: Thursday, October 15 through Sunday, October 18
PRICE: Ground package hospitality packages to be announced soon
WHERE: Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

CHICAGO, IL – Julius the Mad Thinker, co-founder of 3Degrees Global is currently organizing the Mi Casa Es Su Casa Holiday, slated to be a weekend long getaway October 15-18 in the tropical setting of Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Already having received an overwhelming response to what originally started as an intimate gathering of friends, Julius has enlisted a group of international DJs to rock Playa's nightclubs while group travel and hospitality expert, JennHurst melds affordable inclusive ground packages (boutique hotels, tours, food and events) for accompanying weekenders.

Playa is regarded throughout the world for its white sandy beaches, legendary coral reefs, jungles laden with underground rivers, cobblestone streets with cafes, shops and nightclubs all wrapped up in the remnants and ruins of the ancient Maya civilization. Add those ingredients with a slew of sensational parties, such as Nickodemus & Mariano's with "Turntables on the Caribbean," Uhuru Afrika's "Fela Lives!" tribute party, a French showcase of DJs from United Music Records at "FRANCE -N- MEXICO," the come-as-you-want-to-be-in-2015 "The Future" party, or the long list of DJs that will be playing poolside throughout the weekend.

Whether it be a reunion of friends with a shared music passion, an anniversary, birthday, break from the kids, graduation or just a girls-out weekend, the holiday package will accommodate for any situation.

In sculpting this social extravaganza, Julius the Mad Thinker, co-founder of 3Degrees Global, is an event planner with almost 20 years of experience, as well as an international DJ and producer. Jenn Hurst is a veteran in the group travel and hospitality industry, coordinating trips and events for over 15 years. With Julius' 20-year music event history and Jenn's international tour expertise, they've put together the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable holiday. Call it a getaway, call it a vacay, call it a global meet up in paradise, or, as they say, call it "Mi Casa Es Su Casa Holiday!"

For more information, contact Jenn Hurst (704 200 8074) or

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