Old Man Rivers Favorite Utah Radio Stations

I've been listening to a lot more KRCL 90.9, ever since Jamie Gadette took over the morning show from 6-10am. She's doing a great job and KRCL is the best non-corporate radio source we have. That said, if you want to get down to some klassic radio, you've gotta take it from my friend Dan Rivers who works for the City Water Department. Many days he can be found driving around in his white city van reading complicated land maps and collecting data, sometimes he even makes a citizens arrest. While he does this, Richard Daniel 'Old Man' Rivers Jr. switches between several radio stations on the FM dial to get the best of all worlds. Here are his favorite radio stations as told to me a week ago:

94.1 KODJ (oldies)

94.9 THE BLAZE (active rock)

99.5 KJMY (hot adult contemporary)

101.1 KBEAR (rock)

103.1 JACK (variety)

107.5 WDVH (country legends)

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