Explosive Movment

Web-Gravity Gravity
December 17-19, 2009 at 7:30pm
(plus a 2 pm Sat. matinee)
Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center

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The push and pull of the Earth's GRAVITY is that force essential to the flow of movement--both physical and musical. This performance is dedicated entirely to the uniquely dynamic and theatrical style of Artistic Director Charlotte Boye-Christensen, including the premiere of her latest collaborative work with Copenhagen-based music ensemble FIGURA.

Charlotte will also restage her 2008 work "Interiors" inspired by street art and the work of local artist Trent Call. Of this work SLUG Magazine wrote, "Boye-Christensen's choreography, constructed out of various seductive gestures and daring inversions . . . offered the audience neither the American West nor any instance of Nature but rather Culture as the final frontier."

And Kathy Adams of the Salt Lake Tribune says, "Boye-Christensen's choreography is amazingly complex, and the gestural vocabulary she has developed in combination with her explosive movement style tells a unique story within each piece."

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