I Love You!

Happy Valentines Day! I Love You dear NCM readers!!!

Listen for me on local radio station KRCL 90.9 FM today just after 11:45am. I chose a few songs for Valentines Day. You can stream it live from their website if you can't get to a radio. Here's the schedule:

Janet (PPAU) 6:16am
Jesse Lutsker (PPAU) 6:36am
Lauren Rainer (PPAU) 7:21am
Sonni Harris (KRCL) 7:50am
Angela Brown (SLUG) 8am
Linda Brady (KRCL) 8:25am
Annabel Schienberg (PPAU) 9:08am
Karri Galloway (PPAU) 9:39am
Mayberley (PPAU) 10:23am
Flora Benard (KRCL) 10:51am
Courtney and hubby, Jeremy (KRCL) 11:21am
Jesse Walker (Listener) 11:49am
JP aka Game Over (SLUG) 12:18pm
Jefet Quesada (PPAU) 12:54pm
Angela Brown (SLUG) 1pm
Lars Comstock (Listener) 1:34pm
Diana (Listener) 2:18pm
Janet (PPAU) 2:51pm
Ricky Vigil (SLUG) 3:14pm
Alana Burman (KRCL) 3:51pm
Dillion Hayes (KRCL) 4:18pm
Trent (PPAU) 4:43pm
Jared Soper (KRCL) 5:15pm
Robin Brown (KRCL) 5:46pm

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