Office Space For Rent at Hip Design Studio on Main Street, SLC


[*UPDATE* This space has been rented]

Hip and lively open office space at FeltBuilding at 341 S Main - fully remodeled with a view of Main/Market Street. Kitchenette, Wireless Internet & Parking included.

We are looking for a liberal minded, easy to get along with person to rent the divided half of our amazing office on Main Street, Salt Lake City. A self-employed freelance designer, photographer or programmer would be ideal since you could use our design studios equipment and resources.

A partitioned half-wall divides the room leaving plenty of space for a desk and more (see photos). We usually stream alternative L.A. radio station KCRW or similar music at a reasonable level but we're open minded and it's nothing headphones won't block. This is THE perfect location for a young freelancer of any kind to step away from working at home and enjoy the bustling energy downtown. Includes high-speed wireless internet, a valuable parking pass to the Ampco garage in Exchange Place plus Trax is also absurdly convenient from here!

More photos here and this is the view at dusk.

Contact Matthew or Jesse at (801) 363-0101 [Mon-Fri] or if you would like more information. Serious inquiry's only. Referrals welcome.

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