NiteLite February 20 w/ F_ghani & Perez + Jesse Walker

The heartbeat of minimal House comes bounding back like a 500lb gorilla from the mist for our February throwdown... In the left corner we have the amicable bruiser F_GHANI, hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico. The island discovered by Spaniard Christopher Columbus in 1493. And on the right, his unwavering accomplice PEREZ from Mexico City, Mexico ...originally built as Tenochtitlan by the Aztecs in 1325! This won't be the culture clash you're imagining but a culture wave raining down tropical thunder and lite-ning on your quivering Lake Of Salt! This is the first exclusive closing set by F_Ghani & Perez at NiteLite so arrive early to get busy to Jesse's percussive riddims and then bust your coconuts to FGn'P's killer closing performance!

Stream or Download F_Ghani & Perez's opening set from NiteLite last year.

F_ghani (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
[Minimal Tech/Tech House]
Startedin the electronic music scene as a drum 'n' bass MC on small parties back in the island. In 2001 went on a trip to the Dominican Republic and learned about Minimal Tech music while he was there and was inspired by this new House movement. His biggest influences in the genre were people like Richie Hawtin (Plastic Man), Marco Carola and Luciano from Chile (currently one of the biggest names in Ibiza). He moved to Salt Lake City in 2007 to continue bringing his love for this music in the Utah scene.

Perez (Mexico City, Mexico)
[Minimal Tech/Tech House]
Perez's interest in music was initiated early in life when he assisted at a music school and developed an interest in different types of instruments. Some friends introduced him to the electronic music scene when he was 18 through PsyTrance and he was hooked. He met F_ghani in Salt Lake City in 2007 after working on a few music events together and decided to start doing minimal techno to see if people liked it - and luckily they did! It's been said that he brings down 'the funk' and on this night he intends to do just that. So get ready for the rollicking fiesta Perez will create on the dance floor.

Saturday, Feb 20th
NCM Presents NiteLite
W. Lounge, 358 S. West Temple, SLC, UT
9pm, FREE BEFORE 10:30pm or $5, 21+

This event is sponsored in part by Contact Design, Highlife Salon and the AIGA Salt Lake City. The American Institute of Graphic Arts, who's mission is to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force.