The Diogenes Club

Found these guys randomly this afternoon and quite like the first two tracks of this e.p. by the Diogenes Club. There's been a bunch of neat little pop projects coming out on Urban Torque in recent years.

Following their thrilling success, the Diogenes Club returns for its second release combining Dob and Paul's effortless partnership. Their first EP 'Do You Know How To Feel It?' gained outstanding reviews online... as well as being played by Pete Tong on Radio 1 and being described as 'the best I've heard in ages' by Andy Warburton (Nu Cool Show, Galaxy). Once again, it results in an excellent EP combining flair, tenacity and charm. The Diogenes Club '979' EP gathers 3 new exciting compositions. Spacey and hypnotic 'Tie Ourselves Around' woos a storm of emotion with bass-like resonances. Highs and lows are characterized by unfathomed, meaningful lyrics. The moodiness is broken by 'I Could Try To Explain' - an instant balearic feel-good track. It's driven and happy-go-lucky tempo are embellished with lush vocals striding with rhythm. Finally, 'Tete' is an atmospheric lullaby with eerie and delicate patterns that provoke a subtle, yet compelling uplift.

MusicJesse Walker