Ririe-Woodbury, Propel

Watching modern dance takes my mind off of other less important things. Try it sometime.

PropelApril 22-24, 2010 at 7:30pm
Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center
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PROPEL yourself into the artistry of contemporary dance. Stretch the boundaries of both dance and theatre with works by four choreographers including a world premiere by John Jasperse (NY). His emotionally charged and abstract style will challenge your assumptions of how to view Dance. Often incorporating sets and props along with dancers, his choreography has won numerous national awards.

In addition will be Alicia Sanchez's dynamically charged and physically daring "If My Right Hand Would Say What My Left Hand Thought" as well as Joan Woodbury's "L'Invasion," a comment on life's darker side, featuring live guitar by the Woodbury Cathy Duo.