Worst Signage Ever?


I fully support my neighborhood gay bar and love the idea of them opening a coffee shop next to it on the west side of SLC. Even if that coffee is a single pot of burnt Folgers sitting on the counter in a florescent lit room with plastic lawn chairs... but this could possibly be in the running for the worst sign ever conceived – and has since it's erection been on my list of things to publicly flog for sometime now. Ok, I can deal with the name, fine, whatever... called 'Off Trax' because it's located less than a block from our public train system, but the rainbow filled lettering that slides off the side of the celestial white background with no rhyme or reason just looks sloppy, random and mildly tragic. The signage on actual building doesn't fare any better so please O.T. call me up and let's design you a real logo someday? We can even typeset something in Helvetica (or the new Helvetica being Gotham).

(click for larger photo)