Where Birds Of A Feather Come Together, NiteLite!


We're winding up to our 3rd Yr. Anniversary with a fête fit for our finefeathered friends. It's the second of three final parties! This month, NiteLite creator and disque jockey extraordinaire MR. JESSE WALKER brings his beautiful noise back to SLC on the heels of another inspired trip to freaky...funky San Francisco. Joining him is long time friend, established San Francisco DJ and former Utah boy toy JORY WHITE who's already ...making a name for himself on the circuit here. Come get together, like birds of a feather with us on August 21st at the W. Lounge! And don't be surprised if you see a pillow fight...

Jesse Walker (SLC/NiteLite Resident & Creator)
Recently crowned "The Den Mother of the Salt Lake House Scene," the past 18 odd years for Jesse Walker have been filled with promoting and performing the music he loves at a breakneck pace. His long-running NiteLite parties, now in their third year, are responsible for bringing some of the freshest underground House and Electronic acts through the W. Lounge in downtown Salt Lake, while simultaneously exposing notable young local DJ's to the consciousness of our scene. Jesse's vision has always been to make his events, and specifically NiteLite, the preeminent destination for groundbreaking, booty shaking, mind expanding dance music. Any night with Jesse behind the decks is sure to deliver on that promise.

Jory White (San Francisco/SLC)
IN This Week / Princess Kennedy – With the know-how and practice, DJ JORY became one of San Francisco's most successful promoters. Spinning a mix of electro, indie dance, disco and '80s/new wave, JORY has performed and DJed regularly at various clubs including SF Underground, Make Out Room, The Lookout, Pink, Skylark, Laszlo and Vertigo. He is best known as the promoter and DJ of popular San Francisco Mission District indie dance and electro club nights, Kissing Booth and TRAMP as well as the Castro neighborhood '80s/new wave-themed club ARCADE. After an 11-year run in SF, life changed and White opened his own PR firm. Impressed with the changes he noticed on visits to Salt Lake, he decided to come home and give it a second chance. ..."I hope to find a niche for me in Salt Lake City" says White who is still exploring our nightlife scene. I have no doubt that DJ Jory will find a home and the home will be lucky to have him. Find out more on DJ Jory at his Facebook page and via his music publicity firm, Vesperize PR, vesperize.com.

Listen to the jamz:
> Jesse Walker: TNT Mix (Download/Stream)
> Jory White: Summer Splendor Mix (Mediafire)

Saturday, Aug 21st 2010
NCM Presents NiteLite
w/ JESSE WALKER (NCM/NiteLite Creator)
& JORY WHITE (Vesperize/San Francisco)
W. Lounge, 358 S. West Temple, SLC, UT
9pm, FREE BEFORE 10:30pm or $5, 21+

Don't forget to RSVP at FACEBOOK!

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