New Charlotte Boye-Christensen 'Key' Premiers Sept 23rd

Web-Configurations So, I helped my friend Charlotte edit the score for her incredible new dance work 'Key' premiering this week at Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center. The music for 'Key' samples Glenn Gould who was an eccentric Canadian pianist and frequent guest on the BBC/CBC. A very kooky character...

I'm always so impressed by Charlotte's choreography as well as the dancers at Ririe Woodbury. She just won an ARTY award from City Weekly for being the best of the best, so don't miss this. Here's the official info:

Become absorbed in the CONFIGURATIONS. of contemporary dance as Ririe-Woodbury explores the depths of the human experience with four phenomenal choreographers, including one of America's foremost, Bill T. Jones. His commanding work “Duet” is performed to the traditional music of Madagascar and the Ivory Coast. With its extremely stylized and meticulously crafted movement this work is visual art in motion.

Artistic Director Charlotte Boye-Christensen will also premiere a work inspired by the movie 32 Short Films About Glenn Gould, exploring the life of this eccentric Canadian pianist.

Then New York based Susan Marshall exposes the emotional and absurd side of the human condition in “Cloudless,” which City Weekly named the “Best Imported Work of Genius” in 2009. While David Rousseve’s touching “Bittersweet Chocolate,” performed to the passionate prelude from Richard Wagner’s opera Tristan and Isolde, reminds us of the significance of love.

For tickets call 355-ARTS or visit