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Photo by David Newkirk

Jesse Walker is a key supporter of underground music, forward thinking design, art and culture in Salt Lake City reaching back to the early nineties. Walker found his way to the strange Mormon capitol from small town Idaho where had become known for producing an ambitious Alternative Music Festival and a series of DIY style raves (all before he was old enough to vote). Two decades later, Jesse Walker is still helping to bring new music, art and artists to the forefront, and shining some much needed light on life in the "Crossroads of the West".

Mr. Walker has a way of bringing people of different stripes together for good. His love for his community and for trying new ideas keep him brimming with infectious energy. When he's not playing host to some of the most respected DJ's in the country, Jesse can be heard mixing his own uncompromising blend of intelligent, eclectic music at a wide range of events. From art galleries, music festivals and fashion shows, to warehouse parties, rock concerts or political rallies, he rarely shies away from challenging himself or the conventions of society.

Some of Walker's most rewarding work has come from collaborating with experimental theatre directors, choreograhers and multimedia artists including large-scale installations with New York based Gary Vlasic for "Dark Horse, Fallen Shadows," a 48-hour soundscape/performance piece for the Salt Lake Art Center and "Reflective Skin," a sound scape and lighting installation produced for the 2006 Utah Arts Festival. He currently serves on the board and is a collaborator with NOW International, a new dance+art company based in Utah with founders Charlotte Boye-Christensen and Nathan Webster.

Notable DJ credits include guest performances at the 2002 Winter Olympics, Sundance Film Festival(s), SLC Gay Pride (one of the largest in the U.S.) and top billing with acts like Crystal Waters, EnVogue, Big Freedia, Pepe Deluxe, Brazilian Girls, Devotchka and WAR. He also received early support from Ryan Raddon the crossover artist known as KASKADE.

Walker was voted "Best DJ" by readers of Salt Lake City Weekly Magazine in 2008. Through hundreds of his own events or by simply sharing a DJ booth with Jesse, he has helped expose the leading lights of dance music to Salt Lake's club culture. Names like Victor Simonelli, Marques Wyatt, Mark Grant, Mark Farina, Joshua IZ, Diz Washington, Snowboy, Andy Caldwell, Matthew Bandy, Benji Candelario, Wicked Sound System, Lars Behrenroth, Nick Hammer, DJ Dealer, Master Kev, Jojoflores, Groove Junkies, Deepswing, Mauricio Aviles, Jay Tripwire, Brett Johnson, Alexander East, Jay West, Riche BoOm, Julius the Mad Thinker, JT Donaldson, Myxzlplix, Derrick Thompson (Drivetrain), Joe DiPadova, Jon Howard, DJ Fluid, Mark E. Quark, Rob G., Jonny Cruz, Jazzy Eyewear, Sunshine Jones and more have all contributed to Walker's vision of an inclusive dance scene. Having been mentored by great artists himself, Walker also believes strongly in new talent, encoraging young DJ's and musicians and artists wherever he can.

Jesse Walker founded his "New City Movement" first as weekly dance party and then as his primary web presence in 1998 to help promote Future Forward Music, Design and Culture in Utah and the Intermountain West. For the past ten years he has also been the Chief Visual Consultant at Contact Design by day, a small design studio based in downtown Salt Lake City.


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Salt Lake City has trouble keeping up with Jesse Walker. As a DJ, designer and artist, he's spent two decades doing his best to Warhol the place toward a vision he and many of his friends have worked hard to build. In 2008, locals voted him Best DJ, and he's gotta be one of the most gracious people in the city. (Short Film by Brent Rowland)


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"I just have to say Mister Walker absolutely amazed on Saturday with one of those sets you felt "with every fiber of your being". We wanted to stay and say thanks at the end, but my baby got blisters on her feet from an inability to stop dancing, so we had to leave 10 minutes early."
– Jim Sermersheim

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR MUSIC. Jesse, your style and movement continue to be one of my most enjoyed activities I do! I'm always so thrilled, every time I hit the dance floor! Thank you, sincerely, for being such a great force for good and for fun! You're brilliant!"
– Dallas Graham

"Jesse, I'm so glad you posted his mix! I heard some amazing things from several people about it. I cant wait to listen... House music is alive and well in the SLC!"
– Josh Max

"As I sit here listening to this smoking set you played on Saturday, let me reprise my role of 'the crazy f***er dancing in front of the decks who won't shut up'... JESSE you're amazing!"
– David Newkirk 

"I totally dig your mixes and connect with them on a spiritual level."
– John Feider

"Jesse, you are an amazing talent. Please don't stop doin' what you do."
– Erik Brown

"Jesse Walker definitely deserves huge props for his monthly ‘Night Light' parties...  Jesse has been spinning in this town for longer than I've been living here and he is an incredible DJ.  He has a great following and always gets the crowd worked up to a frenzied state.  Any time Jesse is playing, I have absolute confidence it's going to be a great night!"
– Miss KinetiK

"Hey Jesse, ...Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much fun I had Saturday. I would have to say that in the 2 years I have lived here, I seem to enjoy your events more than any others. I love the diversity that I only seem to find on your nights."
– Riche Stanley (Boogie Basics Recordings)

"Hey Jesse...Amazing set last Saturday night... you absolutely blow my mind every time I hear you spin." 
– Noal Robinson

"Jesse, when I first met you and heard you play, I thought you were some guy from New York or a fellow Chicagoan, cuz' you play with a lot of heart and energy. You've proven to me you don't have to be from a big city to beat the box. You play alot better than any of us here in Chicago and New York brotha!"
– Sergio Hernandez Jr. 

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