Never Take Candy From Kittens

I was invited to play this past Sunday at the W. Lounge for my friend Dominic's going away party which was super fun and figured I should post the recording as a memento for him or anyone who cares to hear what I play when given three hours, a shot of tequila and free reign over the dj booth? The luxury of it being a Sunday, just hanging with friends gave me all the license I needed to stretch my musical legs. And a lovely night it was. While it was sad to say goodbye to one of SLC's loveliest people, we now have a friend 4-ever in San Diego!

The mix ain't perfect by any stretch but there's a bundle of sweet new tracks here, from deep house to beautiful vocal cuts, disco edits, indie jams and downtempo. U-turns abound, but somehow they make sense in the course of the evening. I even ended with some classic hip-hop, (although my recorders batteries died just before that). So go ahead and click dem kittens or right-click to download my NEVER GONNA LET YOU GO mix to your HAL-9000.

P.S. My new favorite disco song 'Candy' is at 1:22 ish... tell me you don't love it?! Thanks to Ryan Manning, Takashi and Tamara for inviting me to play in the first place (Ryan, would love to hear you play next time...).

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