Utah Film / Object Designer Mark Hofeling Profiled at Handful Of Salt


Some of you may know this guy Mark Hofeling. I can say I do after living with him for some 13 years. He's my one and only loving partner in life, a passionate thinker, clever problem solver and insanely brilliant designer.

Mark was interviewed by ReadyMade magazine this Spring, just one month before it regrettably folded forever. They loved his art and witty disposition so much that they promised to get him published somewhere and ended up recommending him Handful of Salt, a web publication that's "devoted to the emerging world of DesignCraft: a genre that blurs traditional distinctions between design, fine contemporary craft, and art."


Other than movie sets that would impress and amaze you, Mark makes unconventional stuff out of found objects and raw materials using old fashioned elbow grease and his trademark comic ingenuity. His satisfaction comes from creating something new and different and from the delight his peices bring to others. I've watched these objects come to life over the years and they all hold a special place in my heart, as does the artist himself. Read Mark Hofeling's interview at Handful of Salt and view his design work here.