Things that used to not be beige...

Consider this. At one time, our city was not beige and now it is. Why is this? And more importantly, can it ever be stopped? We need more color boldness. Help stop the embeigeoning.

The cool sky bridge on 300 S. in process of beige.

...this used to be two-tone grey. Now, two-tone beige... or 'band-aid' as my friend Matthew Landis calls it.

Embassy Suites Hotel took to beige a few years ago...

5331010124_4a8fb89066_b did the Shilo Inn, which was mediterranean white.

Mixed use beige/metal remodel.

No surprise here.

Cumming's Chocolate, dark beige stucco. Beige stucco is the fastest spreading beige.


Soon, every new building in America might look like a variation of the above. Tasteless mayonnaise design, cheap materials, sad architectural details (the bare minimum to keep it from looking like a box)... all wrapped up in shades of beige.

Do your part to stop the embeigeoning!

Submissions welcome here.