Salt Lake's art scene continues to surprise

Funky, junky art seen here from mischievous local DJ/Artist Prescott McCarthy at High Life's Black Sheep Stroll. Maybe it's because I had a lovely dinner on the patio at Copper Onion but the Gallery Stroll has some divine energy happening tonight. Everywhere you go people seem to be up for a great time and are being super friendly. Lots of young ones too. I finally got to see the Creative Capsule, and made a stop over at Fice, Copper Palate Press and the open studios upstairs at the Guthrie building. It all made me so very happy. Salt Lake's art scene continues to amuse and surprise.

Prescott McCarthy

Melinda Ashley and Bryce Orvin at Highlife

Allison Henriksen Harbertson and Lisa Dickman in their Creative Capsule, a mobile fun space for kids.

Robot Dreams and Stranger Things by Dave Laub at KAYO Gallery

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