Get Lost in Aluminum Forest


Aluminum Forest is a new project by a recent acquaintance of mine on the west coast with ties to Utah. A seasoned musician with classical training the output from his project has intrigued me from the beginning with it's emotive Morricone-esque twang and polished production touches. The tone of some tracks remind me of early Depeche Mode b-sides while others, the wall of shoegaze updated and perfected by M83. Other instrumental cuts fuse an industrial sheen onto to what could be lost Lemonjelly tapes.

Three tracks from the album have been posted at their Facebook page. Promo videos are in the works as well so Like them to stay informed. The completed album will be out on Lost Nation Records on November 25, 2011... Incidentally coinciding with a partial solar eclipse. Give it a few listens and you'll hear Aluminum Forest's potential for greatness cruising just below the surface.

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