The Möllan Sessions

Mollan Sessions by Koss, Henriksson, Mullaert

The Möllan Sessions is a double CD of spontaneous and intimate Jam sessions by friends, artist and producers Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson aka Minilogue and Kuniyuki Takahashi aka Koss. It is possibly the best peice of electronic music I heard in 2011. Dubby, minimial, textured and ambient compared to these guys usual output but it never looses sight of thoughtful progression, melody and human touches. Highly recommended for some groovy alone time or deep concentration/meditation. Part Two is my favorite but you can preview and buy them both here: Part 1 / Part 2

More info from press release:

"...The result of these sorcerous moments now sees the light of the day with a mostly slow heartfelt album called The Möllan sessions a record that is made for people who like to fill the room between the notes with their own imagination. Because between the sounds of a Rhodes, a Roland TR-808, a Roland SH-101, a Moog Voyager, a Nord lead keyboard, drums, congas, laptops, and lot's of other music sources Minilogue and Koss left enough space for the listeners individual emotions.Their epic arrangements are pratically meditative and everything is enriched with fine textured stillness, introspection, and calm repose. In-between every now and then a sweet melody pops up and sometimes a cautius bassline emerges in a pool of free spirited ideas that never want to chum up. That is why their album is one to travel, one into which you get drawn more the more you listen. A symphony of machines and instruments that all just been used to play the beat of the soul of the one who make the music. A blend of contrasting textures - organic and synthetic, icy and warm that are at large hard pigeonhole in terms of a unique style. The spirit was love without boundaries..."

MusicJesse Walker