PechaKucha Night Videos

(Photo by Erik J Harker)

See all the videos from last Friday's PechaKucha night here. There's nothing like being there in person but for all the friends of these fine gentlemen and women that don't live in SLC, I thought it would be nice to have access online.

As I was telling the local founders Tristan and Nathan, PK is a great opportunity for people to take a moment (well, a month) to evaluate what it is they actually do, how they work, why they are here and share it with other creatives, or anyone who's just plain interested. It is the way of the future. 

My speech is linked below, along with some personal favorites, in order:

> Tim Lee (Senior Exhibit Designer, Natural History Museum)

> Gary Vlasic (Meld Studio) 

> Jesse Walker (New City Movement, Contact Design)

> Jason Foster & Jesse Hulse (Atlas Architects)

> Dan Christofferson (Illustrator, Artist, Marketer)

> Randall Smith (Modern8 Design)

> Angela Brown (Slug Magazine)

If you know someone you think should or could take the stage for 6 minutes next time, send a note to Tristan Shepherd at