Pallet Perfection

(Photo courtesy of CityHome Collective)

I'm extatic over the new Pallet Bistro on 400 West and 237 South, adjacent to already pitch perfect Rose Estb. Some friends and I had a nice long dinner last night and from moment we walked in the place felt really inspired. Designers Cody Derrick and Patrick Davis diligently avoided the overworked 'rustic' tropes that are practically a staple of every coffee house and hipster restaurant in the country right now. Instead they gave the historic building and it's restored interior a fresh take that's in concert with both of their diciplined and growing style books.

Everything you encounter in Pallet feels specifically chosen (I'll avoid the term 'curated'...) to add warmth, humor and originality without feeling in your face or too cool for school. It's raw design with functional touches that give an aire of kinship to Utah and Salt Lake City. There is a clever use of edison bulb lighting on extend-o-arms in the front window seating area. And the light level which was low and lux is supported by an uptempo soundtrack that wasn't too loud but matched the volume of the room. You know how I love me some low, low lighting! Some of my other favorite elements were the comfortable eames bucket chairs, the detachable community tables and individually lit portraits and landscape paintings cleverly arranged around the electrical conduit on various walls. The entry way, bar and bathrooms all have brilliant touches to be admired as well, including an old typewriter and pin board in the bathroom hallway that diners can use to post their thoughts. Again, that kind of stuff could go over the top, but here it feels intentional and genuine. Especially a few cocktails deep into the evening.

With regards to the actual food, everything we had from the bar ('ginger balls' cocktail... gotta try it) to appetizers and main courses (roasted chicken and scallops) was extremely good. The menu isn't too big and that's usually a sign that the chef has his or her offerings properly dialed. I'm looking forward to trying some of what we saw on the plates next to us someday soon. Maybe give lunch a try soon on the patio which opens shortly.

So without trying to sound like a restaurant critic or anything I'm just really happy to see more additions like this to our growing food scene and wanted to share my thoughts. Have you been? What did you think? I'm curious to know.

Pallet Bristro
(801) 935-4431
237 South. 400 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84101