Museum Weekend

ce415c3c965611e1a9f71231382044a1_7.jpg (mrjessewalker)

I had a bit of a museum weekend starting with The Leonardo on Friday which unveiled a new exhibit called Think Art - Act Science and ending with the UMFA's closing day of their Depression Era prints show. Both were really neat and made me realise that we live in a city with fairly decent museums now. The pieces at the Leonardo are like something out of a weird low tech sci-fi movie. Each artist collaborated with scientists in an effort to change eachother's thinking and creative process. The results are very interesting to see, hear and experience. That exhibit was made possible with help from the ever awesome XMission (our sponsor) and lots of Switerland based organizations. Here's more from the Leo:

Think Art – Act Science is a collection of eight installations created by artists as part of the“Swiss artists-in-labs” program. This unique initiative places artists into long-term residencies alongside scientific researchers. The results encourage the harnessing of the creative forces shared by both disciplines.

The works in Think Art – Act Science explore topics as varied as ecology and environment, quantum physics, body consciousness, nanotechnology and spatial awareness and emotion.  The pieces range from Fish Skin, a “sonic fresco” with miniature speakers and piano strings arranged in waves, to The Rocket for the Rest of Us, a short film tying major inventions of the past to the construction of the world’s first solar-powered rocket.

This exhibition has been on display in Lucerne, Barcelona, San Francisco.