Ollo Music

Ollo are two wicked-smart, endearing Gents named Alex Crowfoot and Lars Chresta whom stumbled into my life during the Olympics (oh... a decade ago), we became good friends and pen pals you might say. Well, they have a fantastic new body of work in the electronic-dance-downtempo-krautrock-minimal-synth-pop vein and are bringing their tour back to the states including SLC this Summer. All the way from Australia!

Give the material a free spin below, then purchase physical treasure for future generations. Godspeed you fabulous Ollo boys... Godspeed.

This is the third, or fourth, album from ollo. It is the first that was conceived as a single body of work. Physical CD comes with 16 page booklet featuring images derived from silver gelatin photograms made by Alex. In part, the album is the result of a series of 'what if' questions ollo asked themselves...


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