All Good Things Must Come to an End


It's official. The W Lounge is closing it's doors by the end of the Summer. As you know I have a long history with this nightclub. The first time I played there was on Sundays for a downtempo weekly my friends were throwing some 10 years ago. There was a folding table for a DJ booth and random chairs spread around the room. I thougth it was a funky space then and it continued to be so for quite some time. In fact, it's become the main hub for a cross-section of interesting social subgroups in Salt Lake not to mention scores of promoters and DJ's, local and national chasing the ever constant, and constantly changing trends in dance music.

Much like a living room set in the middle of downtown, no matter what the night of the week, what kind of mood or party you were looking for, the W Lounge is a place where everyone felt welcome, comfortable and often magical.

My best DJ experiences, where I felt I'd truly come into my own and had a connection with the dance floor have been at the W Lounge. The freedom and support that owner Casey Staker has given myself and others has been unparalleled, and quite rare these days in music venue owners. With his trust and support many of us have followed our imagination and music aspirations to new heights. We've created parties whole scenes and memories that many will never forget. Often they've stood on the shoulders of those that came before us but ultimately the W has come to define and defend the extraordinary nightlife that Utah has to offer. No small acheivement.

W-Lounge-Salt-Lake-CityI think I speak for many people in this town when I say, thank you to Casey and all the good people behind W for making it such an awesome destination.

Casey has plans to open a new concept with food, cocktails and DJ's again soon in an undisclosed location. Let's all help him make it a big success and celebrate the last month of the lounge in style. Mama Beatz has invited us in to get busy this Saturday for her "Last Dance" party. More info here.

P.S. Off the top of my head, a few of the nights I remember having the time of my life at are I LOVE IBIZA, BIG CITY HOUSE, DANCE IS A FEELING, OUR HOUSE COLLECTIVE, 80's LADIES, NICE TO BEAT YOU, COLORS OF HOUSE, STIR FRIDAY, INDIE DISCO, NITELITE and JUST WANNA DANCE. What parties do you remember and what were some of your favorite things about the W?