Love And Music MockOut of nowhere my friend Calyn decided to bring Sunshine Jones (of Dubtribe fame) to SLC for a small invite only gathering of 'Love & Music'. Kind of short notice but I'm not complaining... this man is someone I've looked up to for years. So happy to be part of the event! Info below.

The Good Ole Fashioned Get Down Crew brings you a night of
Love & Music 
with a very special live dj set/performance by 


A former member of San Fransisco’s pioneering Dubtribe Sound System, Sunshine Jones has grown into an innovative solo performer; frequently incorporating the elements of live vocals, spirituality and emotion throughout his house sets. Now inspired by Chicago house legends Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson and Ron Hardy, Sunshine Jones displays a rarely seen “electronic” side to his sets and productions.

There will be 100 tickets released and available on PayPal later on this week. Depending on capacity more tickets may be released.

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